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School is not mandatory in Luxembourg

The purpose of this website is to :

Unfortunately we do not have time to translate everything published on this website but we can share our experience and try to help you further if you contact us at alli (at) or join the facebook public group “Homeschooling in Luxembourg”.

Please note that our philosophy is to help people making their own choice and not to try to convince anyone of what is right or wrong. We are politically and religiously independent.

Events and meetings are mostly published on the facebook group but we can also send individual emails to our members if requested.


We mostly provide information and organize events on a voluntary basis, yet your membership would help us to organize events more professionally, pay for simultaneous translation, invite renowned people to hold a conference in Luxemburg, pay for legal advice when needed and so promote and defend the freedom of instruction.

The annual membership fee amounts to minimum 15 EUR and maximum 50 EUR. All you need to do to become a member is to send us an email to alli (at) and pay the amount you wish to the following bank account:
IBAN : LU81 1111 7028 1045 0000
Code bic : CCPLLULL